About the Revolutionary AlterG Treadmill

When channels like ESPN highlight the rehabilitation process of some of the world’s elite athletes, you may have noticed them using a futuristic-looking treadmill, featuring a type of air-bubble apparatus surrounding the athlete’s lower body. You may think that professional athletes are the only people who have access to such newfangled rehabilitation tools, and that you will never get the chance to benefit from such advanced therapeutic methods.

It turns out, this treadmill, known as the AlterG Treadmill, is available to you at Edge Physical Therapy.

About the Revolutionary AlterG Treadmill

How It Works

The secret behind the AlterG Treadmill is Differential Air Pressure (DAP). Originally developed for astronauts at NASA who were losing bone density and weight due to their zero-gravity domain, the treadmill was then reverse-engineered in order to decrease gravitational effects inside the air chamber. The treadmill allows the user to change the amount of air pressure inside the chamber, thus simulating different levels of gravity. While the astronauts needed more gravity to help with their bone density, the reverse engineering allows users to decrease the perceived gravitational pull, which is where the incredible rehabilitation possibilities are born.

Once a patient is situated inside the AlterG Treadmill, he or she is able to reduce gravitational forces by up to 80%. This allows for the user to achieve pain-free mobility while running or walking, which is a must as a person works his or her way back from joint, ligament, or tendon injuries in the lower body. Additionally, this revolutionary treadmill provides in-depth gait and video analysis, which can decrease the likelihood of future lower-body injuries. An incremental, planned, and safe rehab is the ideal way to recover from an ailment, and the AlterG Treadmill allows for this type of process.

Your Body Will Thank You

When it comes to physical therapy, you get out what you put in. It is unwise to turn a blind eye towards your rehabilitation process, instead assuming that things will heal on their own. Injuries can and will happen. However, there are proven methods to recuperating and preventing said injuries, and it would behoove you to take a proactive approach to properly mending your body. The AlterG Treadmill at Edge Physical Therapy brings you to the cutting edge of physical rehab, allowing for a customized plan that will get you back to 100% as soon as possible.

To learn more about what the AlterG Treadmill can do for you, contact us today!