From setback to comeback, EDGE Physical Therapy will be there for you. With our licensed physical therapists and numerous advanced certifications, we’ve got the expertise you need. And, with locations in Allen, Frisco & McKinney, we offer the convenience you desire.

EDGE Physical Therapy offers therapy services to manage pain and prevent further injury. We begin with mechanical diagnosis to devise a targeted therapy plan. In addition to the treatment of chronic pain though techniques which might include dry needling, joint mobilization and therapeutic massage, we provide both pre- and post-surgical therapies. EDGE Physical Therapy also offers vestibular rehab.

Through advanced, proven solutions, including ASTYM Treatment and Graston Technique, we aim to resolve the underlying cause of soft tissue damage, not just temporarily address symptoms. Our soft tissue therapy includes active release techniques.

EDGE Physical Therapy offers “G training” through our state-of-the-art anti-gravity machine. G-training enhances range of motion, reduces pain in rehabilitation and can improve athletic performance.

Let’s get you where you need to be. Find an EDGE Physical Therapy location near you today!