Healing and Rehabilitation with the AlterG Treadmill

Some of the challenges in physical therapy involve finding effective tools that will allow patients to begin the rehabilitation process after surgery, as well as allowing athletes to continue at least some aspects of their training after experiencing an injury. Many patients find themselves in the situation where they may be ready for some aspects of further rehabilitation, but find their injury is not yet ready for full weight bearing. This is where the AlterG treadmill can be a real game changer for many patients.

Healing and Rehabilitation with the AlterG Treadmill

What’s Different about the AlterG Treadmill?

The AlterG treadmill is an anti-gravity treadmill. It allows physical therapists to introduce rehabilitation exercises to patients who are not yet ready for therapy treatments requiring them to apply their full body weight to their area of injury. The anti-gravity AlterG treadmill is great for those dealing with an injury involving the foot, ankle, knee, or hip area. The AlterG treadmill provides a fall-safe environment, making it a great tool for those with neurological conditions that require gait training. This type of environment is also good for those who with extensive injuries who need a fall-safe environment to work in until their level of strength improves.

How Does it Work?

Anti-gravity treadmills can be programmed to create an environment that mimics between 20% and 100% of a patient’s full body weight. This means patients can begin to walk or run in an environment that decreases the level of stress placed on their injured area, to a level where they can comfortably strengthen and train without pain or discomfort. As a patient continues to improve through their recovery process, they can adjust the percentages of the anti-gravity treadmill to gradually bear more and more of their own weight until they are strong enough to train on their own.

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