Is Acupuncture Right for Your Lower Back Pain?

As that pain in your back stays with you for days, weeks and into months you can become desperate for a solution. Your condition transitions from acute to chronic and the longer it lasts the less hope you have that it will ever go away. When you are past the point where ice, heat and rest can help, you need to start looking for different solutions. Acupuncture offers one, but is it right for you?

Is Acupuncture Right for Your Lower Back Pain?

Will All those Needles Help Me?

Healing yourself by being pricked with needles can invoke a healthy skepticism in many of us who are not familiar with it. This is compounded by the fact that even medical professionals still don’t know the exact mechanisms that make acupuncture effective. What they do know however is that it does work. In 2012 after an analysis of people who had back and neck pain, it was found that it was more helpful to give patients acupuncture than not giving it to them or giving them simulated acupuncture. Another series of studies involving 638 patients found that adding it to standard care yielded better results than standard care alone.

What Can You Expect when Receiving Acupuncture?

The procedure itself doesn’t hurt, and where the needles are placed aren’t random. The needles are placed at very specific points on the body. The exact reason for this depends on your point of view. The traditional belief is you are using acupuncture to increase the flow of qi. Qi is your life force and we can access this flow through energy pathways or meridians on the body. The explanation modern neuroscience gives is that you are stimulating blood flow and increasing endorphins, which act as the body’s natural pain killers.

The Explanations Differ, the Results Don’t

You can accept whichever explanation of how acupuncture works you want. The long disputed ‘how’ is not nearly as important as the universal ‘what’. Using acupuncture can help to alleviate your chronic lower back pain. Get in touch with us to find out more about our acupuncture treatments and to schedule an appointment.