Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehab Is a Ground-Breaking New Therapy

What is Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehab?

Personalized blood flow restriction rehabilitation (PBFR) is an important new development for physical therapy.  It typically involves the application of a cuff/tourniquet that is used to apply pressure to the limbs in a way that restricts arterial blood flow. PBFR is a method that offers the benefits of intense training despite utilizing low-intensity methods.

Personalized Blood Flow Restriction Rehab Is a Ground-Breaking New Therapy

Why Is This So Important?

This form of therapy has been proven to create muscle adaptation similar to that typically gained from handling heavy loads, the kind of which tend to be unavailable in a traditional therapy setting. The therapy has also been shown to combat the atrophy associated with surgery or injury, of which light load exercises are traditionally ineffective. It is personalized because of the variation in individual limb occlusion pressure (LOP). This varies according to factors such as “race, gender, limb circumference, tissue density, blood pressure and cuff type”.

The therapy is important because it allows for hypertrophy (the opposite of atrophy) with lower intensity exercises that are safe enough for limbs that have sustained injury or surgery. It has been proven to increase the strength of these limbs as well. It also decreases the amount of time necessary to see the benefits of such training.

Why Edge Physical Therapy?

Edge Physical Therapy is eager to offer this form of therapy because of its ability to transform the lives of the clients we serve every day. We have convenient offices in Allen, Frisco and McKinney, Texas. This makes us an easily accessible choice. Our devotion to genuine, compassionate care alongside our advanced clinical knowledge makes us a great option for your physical therapy needs. For more information about PBFR or any of the other therapies we offer, we urge you to contact us at your convenience. We also offer treatments for chronic pain, pre and post-surgical rehab, vestibular rehab, dry needling and therapeutic massage, among many other treatments. We look forward to counting you among our many happy clients!