Physical Therapy Benefits

If you suffer from muscle or joint pain, have a birth defect that causes daily pain, or suffered from an accident or sports injury, physical therapy could be the solution that gets you back to full mobility and pain-free living. Here are 3 benefits of physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Benefits

1) Avoid Surgery With Physical Therapy

When people are experiencing neck pain, back pain, or pain in joints or extremities, sometimes surgery is an option that will ultimately provide relief. However, surgery is invasive, often expensive, and can have long recovery times. For many patients wanting to avoid surgery therapy is a very viable solution. Even months of physical therapy sessions is still going to cost less than surgery. And your therapist can create a plan of exercises for you to continue at home even after your sessions are completed.

2) Individualized Care

A physical therapist will work with you closely to address whatever your trouble is. And a physical therapist has many tools at their disposal. There are many hands-on manipulations, exercises, and other treatments a physical therapist uses to create a plan to get you better. Ultrasound, TENS unit, heat, and various exercises and movements may all be a part of the treatment. Each treatment plan is designed to decrease pain, increase mobility, and improve your quality of life.

3) Recover From Injuries

Whether it is a sports-related injury, a car accident, or just a fall at home, your body takes time to heal and physical therapy can help you heal more quickly. And perhaps more importantly, it helps you heal correctly. For example, a physical therapist can identify weaknesses in certain areas of your body and put more focus on building the strength back to that area. Recovering under the care of a physical therapist means you have a lower risk of falls and injuries in the future.

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