Physical Therapy

Chronic Pain

Injury Prevention

Pre and Post-Surgical Rehab

Vestibular Rehab

Dry Needling

Acupuncture needles are used at various locations to reduce pain, relax muscle, and calm down nerve irritation

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

An evaluation and treatment system designed to give you a correct movement and positioning strategy to reduce pain. There is power in movement, especially when you are moving in a manner which encourages your body to heal.


A superficial treatment technique involving tools that go along your skin to reduce scar tissue formation, lessen myofascial restrictions and improve your movement abilities.

Joint Mobilization

Techniques that improve joint mobility, as a limitation in movement may not just be muscle related. Moving your joint in a specific manner and direction can release it and allow it to move more freely.

Therapeutic Massage

Soft tissue techniques performed in a specific treatment area designed to release tight muscles and improve circulation to the area.


If you are having tendon (achilles tendinitis, tennis/golfer’s elbow, IT band) or ligament (ankle sprain, knee sprain, etc.) issues/pain, then this treatment is for you. It is one of the most effective therapies utilized for comprehensively treating annoying and chronic pains in your muscles and at your joints.


You will love the freedom this machine gives you. If you normally limp, the G-trainer will take enough pressure off of your muscles and joints to allow you to walk normal again. This ability is important for healing and restoring normal joint and muscle length and strength.