Pre and Post-Surgical Rehab

You’ve got a surgery on the books. Why do rehab now?

Research has shown that pre-surgery physical therapy can improve overall post-operative functional outcomes. Physical therapy ahead of an operation can build strength you’ll be able to capitalize upon as you recover. It can help minimize loss of function associated with surgery, including strength and range of motion functioning.

Pre-habilitation, or pre-hab, as it is sometimes called, is also a time when the patient and client can review the various stretches and exercises they will be required to perform post-op, giving the body a chance to adjust to the moves and the patient a chance to ask questions and fully understand the techniques. In physical therapy, it is key that the stretches and exercises are done correctly to ensure maximum results.

After the Surgery

Our physical therapists partner with the patients, working side-by-side with them throughout their rehabilitation. The work done during this period can improve recovery times and overall outcomes. Most often the patient’s post-operative recovery will be an evolution. Initially the therapists may be working with the patient to successfully navigate daily tasks, such as properly using crutches, a walker, a cane, a brace, or the like. The patient may need to learn the safest way to rise from a seated or reclining position. Later, the work will focus on strengthening muscles, improving range of motion and ultimately reducing pain. Depending on the circumstances, various physical therapy modalities¬†will be employed. Together, patient and therapist will travel the path to recovery safely and effectively.