Sparta: Reduce Injuries & Optimize Performance

Sparta: Reduce Injuries & Optimize PerformanceEdge Physical Therapy is excited to offer one of the most advanced diagnostic, preventive and prescriptive musculoskeletal assessment tools available today. Sparta science optimizes health and performance using consistent and unbiased measurement. There is no subjective human analysis involved. With Sparta output, trainers, physical therapists, physicians and other rehabilitation experts are able to optimize human performance and, importantly, minimize the risk of injury. Besides providing invaluable information to professionals supporting, coaching or treating an individual, Sparta puts information in the hands of the user, empowering them to take charge of their bodies’ performance and, where applicable, recovery. Edge is the only company in the DFW area offering this advanced technology and we cannot wait to introduce you to this game-changing science.

What Is The Sparta Platform™?

The Sparta system uses force plate hardware and AI (artificial intelligence), or machine learning software. While interacting with the force plate, an individual’s strengths and weaknesses are analyzed. Through a number of movement assessments, imbalances and weaknesses are identified and analyzed. The individual’s outputs are compared to a vast cache of data from other Sparta assessments in order to compare, contrast and associate relevant attributes. The tool uses test results from over 890,000 scans from over 28,000 individuals and that number continues to grow daily. As is characteristic of machine learning software, the more data in the system the more validity to be found in the results. As final output, Sparta returns validated prescriptions custom tailored to the athlete or patient.

Who uses it?

Sparta was designed with soldiers, athletes, and patients in mind; our focus at Edge is primarily on the latter two. Sparta has been proven to increase athletic performance and accurately identify areas of the body at risk for injury, thereby minimizing the potential for future injury. In rehabilitation, Sparta outputs can 1.) serve as a baseline, 2.) measure improvement and 3.) provide crucial information to prevent further or future injury. In additional to forward thinking rehabilitation and physical therapy centers, the Sparta analysis is being used by coaches and athletic directors at the professional, collegiate, high school and youth levels. Users include the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, but they also include parents working with their young athletes, coaches taking their teams to the top of their game, and weekend warriors vying for their next personal best. Let’s get you or your team tested today.

Hear what others are saying about Sparta:

“Sparta equips them with actionable insight that they can use in a way that uniquely fits into their overarching training philosophy. The online platform makes the organization and dissemination of athletic information simple so all key people within the organization are aligned.” – Zac Glover, Forbes Magazine

“We can look at different parameters in Sparta and see the profiles that place a person in risk. We have the ability then to put in place a program to appropriately minimize that risk” – Brian Sennett, MD, Head Physician & Orthopedic Surgeon, University of Pennsylvania

“They’re sitting on a gold mine. The test itself is one of the hardest tests to be reliable with and they’ve done it. Now there’s predictability for possible injuries.” -Andrea Hudy, Assistant AD for Sports Performance, 9 NCAA Basketball Championships, University of Kansas.

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