Suffered An Ankle Sprain? Physical Therapy Might Just Be The Remedy

Injuries, especially ankle sprains, are not only limited to athletes. Accidents are always imminent on our daily activities that might make you suffer an ankle sprain.

There are several methods of treating an ankle sprain. Therapy, however, is regarded as one of the best ways to go about it. Here are some critical therapy exercises that will help you recover;

Suffered An Ankle Sprain? Physical Therapy Might Just Be The Remedy

1. Stretching Exercise

Most people prefer performing stretching exercises on their own; they, however, don’t know that they risk damaging the affected part further. It’s therefore advisable to seek a therapist’s advice to best guide you on the way forward.

A therapist will know the right amount of pressure you should apply on the injured depending on the extent of the injury. He will personally supervise you as you perform both the towel and calf stretches as you aid your recovery.

2. Strengthening Ankle Exercises

This is where the therapist makes you perform some weight-bearing exercises. They include actions like toe and heel raises and quarter squats.

It’s better working under a therapist as you transition to proprioceptive exercise. This is where your therapist makes you transition from non-weight bearing to little weight and after that, weight induced activities.

3. Balancing

Walking on rough surfaces is prohibited after suffering a sprain. It’s because it can further damage the injury elongating the recovery process. Having someone that will monitor and introduce you to new surfaces strategically is essential.

This exercise is best done once you’re able to stand without experiencing pain. You’ll be required to use a leg to stand, and it often proves challenging to support your body while in distress.

There are a lot of remedies to treat ankle sprains, but therapy stands out. The significant advantage of therapy does not only do you get treated but also get the right transition to getting on your feet without struggling. Feel free to contact us to get quality advice and service from our occupational therapists.