“Physical therapy has greatly improved how I function on a day-to-day basis. The therapy has also help retrain me to do things such as lifting, sitting, and bending so I don’t injure my back/spine. Before therapy, I struggled to walk for exercise and could barely walk around my block. Now, after therapy I am able to walk like I did before my injury 4-5 miles a day, for an hour.”

“When I began physical therapy I was having extreme difficulty doing everyday tasks; difficulty sleeping through the night and had a constant ache in my left shoulder. My range of motion was very limited. After therapy, I was finally able to sleep through the night and return to doing almost all of my day to day routines with little or no difficulty. My range of motion increased significantly from when I first began.”

“Outstanding.  I have had physical therapy several times over the years, and the service had been lackluster at best, and I felt there was no true interest in my recovery. Until I got to Edge.  The people are what makes this place great.  Linda is the smiling face and lilting voice who makes appointments and greets everyone, I just love her.  Gaye and Michelle are the physical therapists who have constructed a program to put me back together, for my MANY body parts that need rehab.  They are always interested in how I am feeling, how the process is going, and what needs I have.  My personal program has been vigorous and tough, and I’ve never felt this good in my life. A special thank you to Laurie, Leo, Daniel, and Tanner.  These techs are sweet, personable, and determined to make sure that I’m doing the exercises correctly.

Truly an incredible facility, with physical therapists who are on top of their game.”

“My doctor referred me to Edge Physical Therapy to address an issue with my back, which had manifested pain in my hip. The staff at Edge was able to identify what my body was doing in response to my avoidance of pain. I couldn’t walk without pain in my hip and foot, all caused avoiding back pain. Now I’m all better because of PT.

My experience as positive and I recommend Edge Physical Therapy if you need treatment. The support staff was friendly, staff knowledgeable, and facility just right for what needs to be done.

There is a comfortable atmosphere. I never felt embarrassed or intimidated while looking like an uncoordinated idiot, and no one looked at you with judging eyes. They listen to you, important, and understand short term and long term goals.”

“Everyone at Edge is great!! Linda the receptionist, the techs taylor, Jordan, and of course my PT Matt.  They are a great bunch of people who truly care about their patients.  I have a lot of experience with them after about 10 weeks of therapy from pre-op to post-op.  I would recommend them to anyone for anything.”

“I began my therapy for frozen shoulder. I felt very handicapped and had sharp pain in my right shoulder doing the simplest moves. My range of moving my arm was very limited. I began physical therapy 3 times a week and was amazed by the progress I saw each week. I started to feel normal again and my limitation decreased. Today, I feel like my old self. I can do anything I could before. Thanks the awesome staff at EDGE I have my life back. Their expertise and knowledge is amazing. I highly recommend them for any need you might have.”

“At first, when I walked through the door I was skeptical about what physical therapy could do for me that I couldn’t do on my own. Based on my first visit results, the flexibility on my injured ankle compared to my normal ankle revealed visible limited mobility. As I write this on my last visit, reflecting back on day one, I could not have done this on my own. Walking out of here today, I feel confident that I can go back to my normal workout/routine.”

“I was having constant pain in my right hip along with tingling down both legs to my toes. After completing physical therapy I rarely have pain in my hip and the tingling sensation is completely gone. Not only is the pain gone, but my core muscles are stronger than they ever have been. Going to physical therapy is one of the best things I have done for myself.”

“I feel so much better and much more confident. Everything was carefully explained to me…not only what I needed to do, but why it worked and why it was important. I finished therapy confident that I could continue to improve at home without risk of further injury. Every staff member was pleasant and professional and caring. I have been to several other practices for other injuries, but this is the ONLY one I would highly recommend to family and friends.”

“I went to Edge for 6 months for shoulder pain. I was fortunate enough to have Joel V help me get better. Awesome personality and really knowledgeable. At the end of my time with him, not only was my shoulder better but I learned how to prevent future injuries. I have overall more awareness on how to treat my body better. I highly recommend Edge and Joel V!”

“I have had physical therapy at other locations, but I have never had the positive results that I have received after having PT at Edge! The staff here is the best!”

“After only 3 days of the home exercises, I am walking better! I can stand straighter and have less pain. Everyone there is very pleasant and professional. New and clean facility. Good parking, easy to find.”

“I went to EDGE Physical Therapy in McKinney. Shane is just awesome. Living in Dallas I have had 3 car accidents and he has helped me every time. He is professional and very educated in P.T. and other techniques for lifting and stretching to stay limber. He has great Health Tips! I would recommend any EDGE facility. The people who work there are very personable and educated as well. They will get you feeling better soon! Stay Healthy.”

“I just graduated after a few weeks of PT from EDGE. I loved how I was treated like an individual from people who care. I am amazed by what I learned and the improvement that PT has contributed to my mobility and gaining most of the motion and strength I lost from a skiing accident. I went a long time before I looked into PT — expecting my HMO doctor to suggest the knife. Now that I know the results, if I get another injury, I know what I’m going to do — get a referral and head to EDGE.”

“Edge is amazing! Come here before agreeing to surgery. This is one of the best health decisions I’ve ever made. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They really listen to you while teaching you to listen to your body. I’ve been almost exclusively with Christy and Josh, but everyone else is amazing as well. I have nothing but positive experiences here, and I’ve been going for 6+ weeks. I will leave here much better than I came, no doubt!”

“Took my daughter there for a hamstring strain. Jody was her PT. I was never a believer in PT and always thought I could do the same thing at the gym without paying the high prices even with insurance. However, our experience with Edge changed my former opinion. For what she needed, I thought an hour and a half of PT was a good value and good quality. The PT staff was professional and knowledgeable. The admin staff was friendly and professional. My original intention was to only take my daughter once, but my first experience convinced me to take my daughter back several more times. They also have great equipment.”

“Edge Physical Therapy  has been so supportive of me. Love their kindness and patience. From the minute you make your appointments and check in with Donell, to the therapists ( Michelle is great) and all the techs ( Leo and Tanner, especially) are friendly,kind and caring. I truly feel like every person at Edge is concerned and involved in my recovery. Donell always works with me to reschedule and is very understanding. I’ve been to several PT facilities over the years and this one is absolutely the best!”

“I was referred to Edge Physical Therapy by my primary physician and was a little apprehensive about them. I am so glad I went to see them! The facility is exactly what you would expect. Busy, and a lot of very helpful people working on fixing people up! The folks I worked with fixed my tennis elbow issues and I can’t say enough good things about them. A great crew of caring individuals who are truly looking out for you!”

“Prior to trying out Edge, I went to 2 other therapists, two chiros, and two pain specialists, who ordered 2 MRIs and multiple cortisone injections. And honestly, they didn’t help much, and my pain moved from my back to my legs, and to other places. I wasted about 3 years just trying out for different therapists and treatments. Edge Physical Therapy was the one that actually helped. The exercises that they prescribed were very helpful, and most importantly, C’Mak was they ONLY therapist who actually did manual procedures on me. And honestly, even though I am not completely pain free, but i can move better and feel better. I would certainly recommend Edge Physical Therapy to anyone. They really know what they are doing.”

“I came to Edge for my neck and back. I definitely see a noticeable improvement. I have been doing stretches that help my lower back and exercises that help my neck as well. I’m glad the team is always there to help me if I’m not doing an exercise correctly or to encourage me if I am doing it right! The proof for me is that I have increased mobility and I am very grateful for that. I don’t know if I would have seen this improvement without coming here. Thank you, Edge. Thank you Becca and Jody.”