The InBody570: Measuring The Scope Of Rehabilitation

On the path of overcoming our setbacks and reclaiming physical mobility, it helps to have a thorough understanding of how the body’s doing. Beyond the obvious signs of pain and discomfort, there are a number of things that can tell us how the body is responding to different experiences. Given that the human body is a complex system, the more information we have the better we’re able to provide what it needs. Technology like the InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer helps us measure the scope of rehabilitation and how well physical therapy treatments are working for specific individuals.

The InBody570: Measuring The Scope Of Rehabilitation

Measuring Results In-Depth

The InBody System measures body fat, lean muscle mass, water values, and other important health factors. In just a short time, it provides a detailed and accurate analysis of every segment of the body’s composition. This helps in comparing differences between both arms and legs, as well as between operated and non-operated extremities. Knowing that allows us to better determine the overall effectiveness of different exercises and the rehabilitation treatment in general. By identifying how much lean body mass is in each body segment, we can get a better idea of how well the body is improving and possibly how it could be doing better.

In coordination with our advanced physical therapy techniques, technology like this allows us to better offer patients the support they need to make a comeback. It’s simple to use, taking less than a full minute to complete with no discomfort, and provides thorough in-depth information on body composition. Over time, we’re able to offer better results based on the individual needs of our patients thanks to machines like these. Want to learn more? Checkout Edge Physical Therapy in McKinney for more information!

Physical Therapy For Functional Fitness

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