Three Helpful Tips to Prepare For Your First Sports Therapy Session

Are you getting ready for your first sports therapy appointment after an injury and don’t know what to expect? You don’t want to walk into the office unprepared, so understanding exactly what will happen will make the appointment go by much smoother. Take a look at three of the most helpful tips you can use during your first session.

Three Helpful Tips to Prepare For Your First Sports Therapy Session

Have Your Paperwork in Order

You don’t want to be stuck filling out endless mountains of paperwork on your first visit to the office, so make sure everything is in order before you leave your home. Providing your physical therapist with copies of your medical history, along with any medical subscriptions you have can give them a leg up during treatment.

Be Ready For an Intensive Exam

Be prepared to undergo a number of tests during your initial visit. The physical therapist will want to test your stress levels, and will also look to see how much range of motion you have in the affected areas. This could include different stretching positions, and also various movements you may have trouble doing on a day to day basis.

Creating a Treatment Plan is Key

After the exam, your physical therapist will create a treatment plan for you to follow. This will not only include activities you can (and must) do from home, but also include future appointments in their office.

You may not return to 100% after your injury, but putting in the effort to follow their treatment plan is the smartest option. Dismissing the steps in the treatment plan will not only guarantee you won’t heal properly but could put you in a situation where the injury becomes progressively worse down the line.

Sports Therapy Appointments Made Simple

So now that you have learned about some of the most helpful tips for your first sports therapy session, which ones stand out to you? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to contact us to set up an appointment today!