Top Benefits of Physical Therapy

Chronic back pain can be hard to deal with on a daily basis. Some of the symptoms of this condition include soreness, sharp or stabbing pain, dull aches, and pain that goes to the hips or legs. People who work in professions that require frequent heavy lifting are prone to developing chronic pain at some point in their lives. If you sense that you have chronic back pain, visit your doctor. He’ll ask certain questions about your pain and then utilize X-rays and other imaging procedures to determine if you have this condition. Generally, you would take pain relievers for the back pain but in some cases, physical therapy is a better choice. Here are some of the top benefits of physical therapy for chronic back pain.

Top Benefits of Physical Therapy

Your Range of Motion Improves

 When you receive physical therapy for back pain, your range of motion is much better. When you develop back pain, you’re not moving as much and this leads to tightness in your muscles.

With regular physical therapy, the therapist will help you do a series of exercises that will reduce the tightness so that it won’t be hard to move around during the day.

You Can Avoid Surgery

 This shouldn’t be your first resort. You’ll do better with physical therapy because the therapist can tailor your recovery plan based on your needs, and he can educate you on ways you can supplement the therapy. These might include dietary changes, improving your posture, and regular exercise.

Protection From Future Injuries

 If you are an active person despite your chronic back pain, physical therapy is beneficial because it protects your back from future injury. The therapist will recommend stretches and specific exercises to keep yourself safe while doing the things you love.

You Get Personalized Care

 Experienced and trained physical therapists know that every patient is different, and each patient needs a personalized plan. You can discuss your goals with the therapist and he’ll develop a strategy that would work the best for you.

In conclusion, people with chronic back pain will benefit greatly from what physical therapy has to offer.

If you need quality physical therapy for your chronic back pain, contact us.  We have compassionate and excellent treatment that will improve your back health long term.