What You Need to Know About Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is a technique that allows you to gain muscle mass and strength with lower resistance. This means lifting less heavy weights than in a regular training session would take. The idea is that an anaerobic environment that is one without oxygen promotes muscle hypertrophy (increase in muscle size).What You Need to Know About Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

How does it Work?

BFR involves applying a tourniquet cuff to the upper or lower part of a limb. This is done in a way that prevents deoxygenated blood from returning to the heart while allowing only oxygenated blood into the limb. When deprived of oxygen, the muscle will go into oxidative stress and hence, muscular fatigue.

This state induces a hormonal change, which in turn induces increased protein synthesis and thus an increase in strength and size of the muscle.

Why You Need BFR After an Injury

The technique is very efficient after an injury because it allows you to heal faster and without strain on the muscle. It counters muscle atrophy (muscle wasting), which is common after an injury. An injury makes it difficult to move your limbs, reducing physical activity, which if left unattended might cause muscle atrophy.

Also, BFR helps you strengthen your muscles and combats muscle weakness, allowing you to return to your daily life as fast as possible.

To maximize the benefits of BFR and, to do it safely, the best and advisable idea is to do it under a qualified practitioner. Self-administered or BFR with less than top-notch equipment can cause severe damage to your nerves and vessels. Here at Edge Therapy, we are not only qualified but keen to ensure for you a safe and successful BFR therapy session.

Whether it’s a sports or accident-related injury, we walk with you the whole journey to a complete recovery. Contact us at any time!