Why Physical Therapy Is An Excellent Option For Back Pain

Dealing with back pain can be incredibly painful and sometimes even debilitating. You may feel that there is no hope for you other than surgery, but this doesn’t have to be the case. One alternative option that has shown great results is physical therapy. The whole goal of physical therapy is to create a treatment plan that incorporates both passive and active therapy. Your physical therapist finds what works for you and your specific situation, so that you can achieve the best results possible. Here are some reasons why physical therapy is an excellent option for back pain.

Why Physical Therapy Is An Excellent Option For Back Pain

It Focuses On Flexibility And Strengthening Exercises 

It is very important that you increase the flexibility of your back by performing a variety of stretches daily. These stretches help to loosen the tight muscles in your back and other muscles that are part of the kinetic chain, such as your hamstrings. These stretches help to reduce some of the tightness that you are feeling and can help increase the mobility of your spine.

Strength training exercises are also very important for the different muscles throughout your back and lower body. If your muscles are strengthened, they are better able to support you. The muscles in your lumber will be targeted, as well as the muscles in your core.

Massages Techniques Are Incorporated 

Physical therapists also use massage techniques to help treat your back pain as well. This helps to loosen muscles in the back that are tight from overuse and/or immobility. It can also help to get deeper into the tissue to help remove knots that have built up in your back. Myofascial release techniques are also incorporated so that you can work on your tight and knotted muscles at home, in between each session.

Physical therapy that incorporates massage techniques, along with flexibility and strengthening exercises, can help you receive relief from your back pain.

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